Free Community Showing of the Film “Old?!”

By March 13, 2016
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Date(s) - 03/13/2016
7:00 pm

Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist

Produced and directed by Ashland resident, Kathy Roselli,“OLD?!” features personal stories from over 70 Rogue Valley individuals aged 10 days to 101 years old. In a culture that is routinely fearful of growing old and doesn’t offer us much spiritual support along the way, “OLD?!” acknowledges the importance of age through real-life stories. By the end of the film we are invited to embrace our own aging process.

Life is about aging from the moment of our first breath. We often act impervious to aging for many years, maybe even the first half of our lives. OLD?! is a 55 minute documentary showcasing over seventy people with poignant stories and plain-speak wisdom about the life journey of aging. These individuals, from 10 days to 101 years old, offer funny, touching and inspiring stores as they share their perspectives on this inescapable process.

Asking candid questions, such as “What does old mean to you?” “What do you like about getting older?” and “How old do you feel?” – filmmaker, Kathy Roselli creates a realistic exploration of how people are navigating their years.
OLD?! is a thought-provoking film with powerful underlying messages. We are reminded how awkward, funny, and poignantly truthful children are as they consider what it means to “be old.” We are awed by elders who are defying and redefining the box our society calls “old age” and are affirmed by the absolute fact we can be creative at any age. We squirm a bit uncomfortably as we are reminded, simply –you’ve got to move it or you’ll loose it. And we are touched by sadness with the awareness that learning to be old in one’s own skin is neither simple nor easy.

In a culture routinely fearful of growing old that doesn’t offer us much spiritual support along the way, OLD?! acknowledges its importance through real-life stories. By the end, the film invites us to embrace our own aging process.

“OLD?!” is Winner of the Best of Fest Award 2015, Real to Reel International Film Festival (North Carolina) and the Creative Storytelling Award at the 2015 Jefferson Flixx Fest ( Fort Jones CA.)

OLD?! is 55 minutes long. The screening will include Q & A with Kathy and her editor Claudia Ballartd after the film. The Chair and other Council members of Rogue Rainbow Elders will be present to introduce the film.

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